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Are you interested in having a special portrait drawn of your pet that you can treasure forever?  OR any animal for that matter. If so, please read all the information below and do not hesitate to get in contact if you have any questions. I absolutely love drawing your pets. Not only is it my passion, I love the feedback and reactions from my customers.
They make amazing gifts for friends and family too.

Please note that my lead time can vary depending if I have a waiting list. 

- My aim is to capture the accurate features, proportions and overall likeness of your pet/animal.- I like to draw from one reference photo so that I can accurately capture the true likeness of the animal.- My preferred media is coloured pencils. This allows me to capture the intricate details. I use professional Faber Castell and Derwent pencils on 200gm (fine grain heavyweight) paper. I have worked with acrylic paints in the past as well. If I feel this will be the most suitable media to create a portrait of your pet I will let you know. 
- All I need from you is a great photograph of your pet or the animal you would like me to draw. You can send in as many as possible and together we can decide which would be the best reference photo.- I am also able to make adjustments such as adding/removing a collar. - You can send it a headshot or full body photograph but most of my customers prefer a headshot portrait - the choice is yours. The best photographs to draw from are preferably as clear as possible. If there is lots of reflection and highlights in the eyes this will help me to make a fantastic and realistic portrait. I am able to enhance detail in the eyes if your photograph isn’t completely clear. If you haven't already, take a photo of your pet in natural sunlight and perhaps use a treat to encourage a nice pose whilst you get your shot.
-The dog on the different paper sizes show roughly how the drawing will be sized and positioned. An extra few inches of paper will be added around the chosen paper size/portrait to allow for trimming/mounting/framing. The portrait will cover as much of the chosen paper size as possible.
size guide_edited.jpg

A5 mounted - £200 
8x10" mounted - £350
10x12"mounted - £450
A3 - £550 + 
2 pets on one page will depend on the size of the portraits.

I will ask for a 25% deposit before starting (non refundable)
A3 plus will be discussed further. I will provide a fixed price after receiving the images of your pet before I begin drawing but in extreme cases prices may vary slightly depending on the detail within that specific animal.

I am able to source a frame and mount for you which I will assemble myself for an extra £15. Most of my customers choose this option, however if you choose to have yours professionally framed I will make sure to leave extra paper around your portrait to allow for this.   

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