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About Me
Where it all started...
- Hi, I'm Chloe and I am the creator of My Friend Chloe, Art & Design. 

- Art and design has always been a passion of mine, along with tea, coffee, fitness and being a full time dog mum :).

- When I was growing up I really struggled academically at school unlike many of my friends. Some of us creative people definitely understand the struggle of those academic subjects being pushed over the art based subjects. I've 100% been there and I had to work extra hard to get those expected grades. I discovered my love for drawing and painting from a young age and it was something that came far more naturally than anything else. 

- I loved drawing and painting all through school and then went on to study textiles at The Arts University Bournemouth. Although textiles doesn't sound like much to do with painting etc, it was in fact quite the opposite. 

- Studying textiles allowed me to continue my love for painting and drawing. I would create pattern designs with my drawings and apply them to interior furnishings (cushions, wallpapers etc). 

- I graduated in June 2019 with a 2:1 in BA (Hons) Textiles.

- I decided that the busy textile industry just wasn't for me. It is far too competitive and rigid and honestly wouldn't give me that creative freedom that I have owning my own business shop. It is my passion and without you, well quite frankly I would be lost.

What happened next...

- I began doing private commissions of various different artwork and pet portraits for close friends and family. It seemed I was getting more requests for these private commissions as time went on... then I thought "Why don't I go full time?". 

- Not only did I love being able to continue my passion, I loved the rewarding feeling of seeing how happy my work could make someone. Its what made it all worth it for me. 


- I launched my small business back in April 2020.



Below is a slideshow of some examples of the work I produced at University that demonstrate a range of skills and techniques


Final Major Project

During my time at University studying textiles, I produced samples for interiors. This collection of interior fabrics, home accessories and wallpapers, is inspired by dried flower bundles and herbal smudge sticks.  I aimed to capture the texture and delicacy of the dried bundles through the use of detailed drawing and painting. This enabled me to create unique designs to brighten an interior.

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